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SPS insurance policies, which are underwritten at Lloyd’s and administered by Accident & Health Underwriting Limited, UK, cover risks to best industry standards
and all consultants on projects for SPS are covered for accidents as well as medical evacuation
Survey Personnel Services Limited maintains the following insurances with Lloyds Underwriters:

Employers Liability:
Limits of Indemnity:       £10,000,000 any one occurrence including costs and expenses including offshore as defined in the policy and £5,000,000 any                                        one occurrence in respect of terrorism.

Public Liability:
Limit of Indemnity:         £5,000,000 any one occurrence otherwise unlimited any one year

Territorial limits:       Worldwide

Coverage includes:   Contractual Liability, Indemnity to Principal, Waiver of subrogation, Hold Harmless as required by contract, Named joint
                                      assured as required by contract.

Compensation payable in respect of Accident.
» Death                                                                                 £100,000
» Permanent Total Loss of Sight in One or Both Eyes          £100,000
» Loss of One or More Limbs                                                £100,000
» Permanent Total Loss of Speech                                      £100,000
» Permanent Total Loss of Hearing
  a) In One Ear                                                                      £40,000
  b) In Both Ears                                                                  £100,000
» Permanent Total Disablement
» Temporary Total Disablement
  Benefit Period 104 weeks, Excess period 7 days      £500 per week
» Continental Scale

» Medical and Additional Expenses                                         £10,000,000
» Cancellation and Curtailment                                                        £7,500
» Personal Liability                                                                    £5,000,000
» Hospital expenses

                                          (Each completed 24 hrs period, max 30 days)

» Hi-jack, kidnap or detention                                                            £100
                                              (Each completed 24hr period, max £5,000)

» Emergency Evacuation and Repatriation

In line with all Insurance contracts our policies contain certain terms, conditions and exclusions. Details are available on request.